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The 30th Annual
Walk & Wag

Discount Professional Grooming Products

  After using our professional quality products you just might want to purchase your favorite grooming tool to make your pet look its best in-between Shampooches.  
  We carry an entire line of brushes and combs:
  • Pin brushes have long pins that penetrate deep into the coat to remove tangles from long and flowing coats
  • Slicker brushes feature strong, flexible stainless steel pins in supple rubber for just the right amount of tension
  • Undercoat rakes gently remove undercoat and stray hair to significantly reduce shedding
  • Shedding blades (the bent saw looking thing) stainless steel blade effectively lifts out and removes loose hair
  Other grooming accessories:
  • Ergonomic Nail clippers – handles are countered to fit your hand and covered with double-bonded, ribbed, non-slip rubber. Ultra sharp surgical stainless steel cutting blades that cut through nails effortlessly.
  • Eye Wipes – specially formulated to safely remove dried secretions and prevent discoloration from tear stains
  • Ear Wipes – formulated with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to prevent ear infections
  • Dental Wipes-easy-to-use wipes safely and effectively removes plaque build-up, kill germs, and control bad breath.

Grooming sprays and Cologne:

Baby Dog, Pina Colada, Rain Forest, Green Apple, Very Berry, Wild Cherry, Channel, Polo, Pucci, CK9, and more.

  Guardian GEAR:
Select quality collars and leads in a variety of colors and styles.

And of course your pet would love a Zanies Fortune Ball for their cooperation.

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One stop canine clean-up. No appointment necessary.  All pets welcome.

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