dog walk
The 30th Annual
Walk & Wag

Free Dog Wash

Purchase 5 Dog Washes and the 6th one is FREE!


  Easy access tubs for any size pet:
Over sized tubs set at 4 different heights for a perfect fit, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between each use

Safety straps:
Break away designed or “bolt them to the wall” strength. Either way your pet will not hurt themselves or get away from you during the bath.

We like to call the “shake guards” or “my dog likes to share the water guards”. You get the idea but don’t get as wet.

Water temperature:
Is set around 96 degrees. This temperature is proven not to damage your pet’s skin and we always have enough water for everyone.

Several kinds of shampoos:
All are pH-balanced for your pet’s skin and coat and biodegradable.

Tearless: has a light clean fragrance, builds body and adds luster for the faces and the young ones.
Protein: has a light coconut fragrance and adds body-building protein to coats for health and manageability.
Lasting Fresh: yes it really does last and last! It also helps prevent mats and gives a bright sheen to the coat.

If you have any questions which shampoo is right for your dog just ask. We also supply a rubber bathing brush which helps remove loose hair, massages skin, and promotes healthy skin and coats (which means less shedding)!

Why condition? Your pet can’t put lotion on their skin. Conditioner is worked into the fur, down to the skin to reduce “itchy & scratchy” spots. It also reduces mats and tangles for easier comb outs.

Rub-a-love time, every pet enjoys a great rub down. Clean large towels available for after the wash or for you during your pet’s bath.

Eye & ear cleaners:
Eye cleaners are specially formulated to safely remove dried secretions and discolorations around the eyes. Ear cleaners have antibacterial and anti-fungal agents to minimize odor and speed up drying the ear canal after washes.

Blow dryers:
Specially designed to blow water out of the fur. Our dryers are powerful and don’t dry out your pets skin like heat based dryers. First time users are greatly encouraged to seek assistance while introducing your pet to the dryer.

Brushes and combs:
We have a wide variety of brushes and combs for any type of coat. Dematting tools and scissors are also available to give that special pampered look of going to the spa.

Nail clippers:
Professional grade with a safety guard and if you do snip the quick we have Quick Stop to the rescue. We are available to teach or assist free of charge, or we can do it for a little extra $.

Of course your pet needs to smell the best in the neighborhood so pick your favorite Polo, Joy, Baby dog, etc…

Bandanna or bow:
The job isn’t done until you select a “I just washed my pet” accessory. Several different prints to choose from to show off your pets’ personality.


Dog wash prices

Tiny 1-10 lb. $10.00
Small 11-25 lb. $12.00
Medium 26-50 lb. $14.00
Large 51-100 lb. $16.00
X-Large 101-125 lb. $18.00
Giant 126+ lb. $20.00
Long or thick coat $2.00extra
Hair clipper rental $5.00per hr
Nail Trim $10.00



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One stop canine clean-up. No appointment necessary.  All pets welcome.

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