dog walk
The 30th Annual
Walk & Wag

Washing Tips

  • Before coming in, brush your dog to remove loose fur, mats and tangles. We have detangling spray and special tools to remove mats if your dog has any tough mats or tangles.
  • We supply aprons for you, but you’ll still get a little wet. Wear appropriate clothes (short sleeve shirt, comfortable shoes, etc.)
  • Exercise your dog before coming in, like a nice long walk or a good game of fetch will release some energy and make bathing easier. “Potty time” before Shampooches means no “oopses”.
  • Plan on spending about an hour for washing drying and brushing. Time will all depend on the size and coat of your dog and how dry you want your dog to be.
  • There is no time limit in the tubs but we do ask you plan your visit at least ½ hour before closing.
  • Shampooching your dog every 4-6 weeks will help to ensure your pets coat is clean and healthy and helps to manage shedding.

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One stop canine clean-up. No appointment necessary.  All pets welcome.

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